Dennis Rodman Will Save the World?

Dennis Rodman seems to be convince that God has given him a new meaning to life. He has been chosen by North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un to establish peace between America and North Korea. Yes, I said it. Dennis Rodman is the chosen one. Rodman also stated that Kim (the Marshall) was "a friend for life" and suggested that President Barack Obama "pick up the phone and call" Kim since the two leaders were basketball fans. Rodman stated that he is "trying to open Obama's and everyone's minds" and encouraged Obama to reach out to Kim Jong-un. It's the best press conference I've ever heard: It seems Mr. Rodman feels that he should be more involved in the decision making process around Syria. And...Rodman said that Kim has a daughter named Kim Ju-ae, and that he is a "great dad."

This Dennis Rodman saga just keeps getting more and more unbelievable. Unless you live under a rock and/or are otherwise disconnected from modern technology, you’ve heard at least something about the former Bulls forward’s North Korean activities backed by Irish oddsmakers Paddy Power, PLC.
Not only has the guy visited North Korea twice, referring to dictator Kim Jong-un as “a very good guy“, he is now saying he plans to return in January to host two exhibition games with former NBA players. 

He calls it “basketball diplomacy”, indicating at least some knowledge of Nixon’s 1971 ping-pong diplomacy campaigns between the U.S. and China in the midst of the Cold War.