Pussycat Doll Bares Breasts in Super See-through Dress

Melody Thornton the former member of the Pussycat Dolls showed up for Elle's Women In Music event wearing an incredibly daring 'look at me I'm a whore' boob catching vintage dress.

Melody told Mail Online at the event: 'I just really wanted to do something crazy. And my friend was like, "You have to stop being so safe, so Jackie O. She was like, "Go out there and show some ass."'  'I like to think I put a little classy twist on it.'

Poor thing! I know desperation can make you do drastic things for for attention like conveniently forgetting to wear her bra in a completely see-through dress. Anyone who is surprised that this outfit is worn by someone in a group called the PUSSYcat dolls needs to think again. She's right '
I like to think I put a little classy twist on it' in the trailer park this would be concerned classy.