Lady Gaga on Howard Stern

Lady Gaga on the Howard Stern show on November 12th, she performed two songs from the album, “Dope” and “Gypsy” and discussed numerous topics in the interview including her relationship with her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, since 2012. Lady Gaga is defiantly smarter than your average pop star. Her determination and drive to be an iconic figure in this lifetime is changing pop culture history even as we speak, whether you like her or not. At this point I'm not sure who is driving her image; her or the record label. 

She's quite simply a exceptionally clever and talented psychopath. In this interview she appears normal, even charming. Underneath, all of the "I love my fans" and "I'm human"  we can't forget Lady Gaga is known more for being Lady Gaga than for what art she creates. The problem that will arise for Lady Gaga is getting disconnected between perception and reality, all due to the desire to be the object of popular fascination. Please don't think I'm bashing her, she is absolutely brilliant. In this day in age you can't make it as a pop artist solely on talent; there must be a circus involved. It's a great interview and she never breaks character. 

Lady Gaga on Howard Stern

It's Britney Witch

Seeing as how common it is for women in The South to wear a sports bra and baggy tracksuit pants, it's a miracle that Britney Spears looks great. I mean that by trailer park standards, not the superficial Hollywood crap. Britney was no doubt rehearsing for her upcoming two-year residency in Las Vegas, which kicks off on December 27. 

The Britney Spears 'Piece Of Me' Vegas show is sprawling rumors that she will be lip-syncing. Britney denied the claims, telling Chicago's 103.5 KISS FM earlier this month: 'I'm definitely going to be singing live. I always sing live. It doesn't sound so great all the time, but I do my best.'

 Here's Britney Spears reading Vincent Price's narration from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as part of parody sketch with BBC 1 radio host NIck Grimshaw. The hook? Halloween, but also this obvious and amazing pun: "It's Britney Witch."

Salma Hayek Flashed Her Ass

Salma Hayek Flashed Her Ass

Everyone in Hollywood always seems to suffer from wardrobe malfunction at one point in their career. Salma Hayek was lucky enough to have photographers surrounding her in hopes of  a wardrobe malfunction, and boy did it pay off. The 47-year old got her ass exposed when her skirt was caught by a gust of wind while shooting 'How To Make Love Like an Englishman' in Malibu, the The Superficial reported. Good for her and the movie without investing money and efforts free publicity. Remember folks any publicity is good publicity. 

What Happened to Kim Kardashian Face?

I have to be honest… who is this lady? I might say she sort of looks like Kim Kardashian, but… well, let’s just say it’s pretty obvious she got a lot of work done over the past three months. What's up with the  blonde hair and over tanned skin? The only thing that looks great on Kim is her mommy boobs, sorry. Is she in the middle of having an identity crisis? Has Kayne West killed Kim's self-confidence? 

To the point that no one can recognize her? She ruined her nose with her most recent nose job, she is starting to look more like catwoman (the women who had all the plastic surgery), and her eyes have been looking like her soul was sucked out. 

Before picture

Miley Cyrus gets even Nastier

Miley Cyrus has sold her soul to the devil. Why? To be the next big pop star. The problem is she is willing to do whatever it takes to push her over the edge. To my is working. Everyone is talking about Miley Cyrus and her music is selling. But, what is the cost? Her image. Miley Cyrus has no sex appeal! She looks like a 12year old boy trying to be cool.  So, to no one's surprise the record company is selling her image as a redneck skank. WOW ! she’s rubbing her kitty. 

"Skank is a derogatory term for a (usually younger) female, implying trashiness or tackiness, lower-class status, poor hygiene, flakiness, and a scrawny, pockmarked sort of ugliness. May also imply promiscuity, but not necessarily. Can apply to any race, but most commonly used to describe white trash."

Someone really should do an instructional “Skanky vs. Sexy” poster for her, preferably with lots of pictures instead of them dang ole’ long words.  Sinead O’Connor wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus warning her not to be “prostituted” by her label and that she’s talented enough not to be constantly naked for attention.

I swear Terry Richardson might be under investigation for kiddy porn after looking at his pictures of Miley Cyrus: “But…I didn’t know it was an 12-year old boy. I swear – I thought it was Miley!” So, here is Miley Cyrus proving yet again she's grown, we get it. You’re an adult now, not a Disney kid. Thanks for clearing that up, because nobody would have ever figured that out  Furthermore, little girl…you are exploiting yourself in THE WORST WAY. Put your clothes back on. 

Farrah Abraham Is Getting a Sex Toy Line

Farrah Abraham Is Getting a Sex Toy Line

Farrah Abraham is already tweeting about her new Vaginia CUMING your way! Celebrity status pleasure is your way let's have some fun fans:) what gets you going?

Yes, Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham is getting her own line of sex toys. The former MTV reality star has teamed up with adult novelty manufacturer Topco Sales to produce her own collection of fleshlights molded after her private parts. (So, her boobs won't be the only body part made of silicon after all!)
Though the toys won't hit stores until January 2014, Abraham is already taking to her Twitter to promote the forthcoming line. World, you have been warned.

Miley Cyrus Poses Nude on Rolling Stone Cover, Plus Watch her RAP!

Miley Cyrus is naked (again) on the October cover of Rolling Stone, looking much more like Justin Beiber than Hannah Montana. Because Miley Cyrus can’t go 48 hours without getting naked or twerking, above is her topless Rolling Stone cover which leads into screen-caps from Mike WiLL Made It‘s video for “23″ (below) that also dropped today. That said, if you’re understandably bored from seeing Hannah Montana’s knickers for the 18th time, the Rolling Stone interview is actually worth a read for the parts where Kanye West clearly tried to fuck her, her dad paying her $10 a night to collect all the bras and panties after his shows, and telling Justin Bieber not to turn into Vanilla Ice despite the fact both of them look like him and will be replaced in two years by younger versions that twerk for 15 cents on the dollar. 
I predict inevitable embarrassment in a decade. Then, to cope with the embarrassment of being exploited by her marketing team, a unfortunate/inevitable drug addiction. I understand she claims to be a young, strong, independent woman, who is making all these horrible decision all on her own. I just don’t believe that. This young woman has had a team of people around her, making decisions for her, and strategically guiding their cash cow in whatever direction that will garner the most attention and profit throughout most of her life. At the helm of this team of bloodsuckers have been her good ol’ ma and pa.

Her VMAs Performance Could Have Been WAY Raunchier.
Miley thought there was a chance the network might pull the plug on her mid-performance, but she didn't expect so much shock and vitriol. "Honestly, that was our MTV version," she says. "We could have even gone further, but we didn't. I thought that's what the VMAs were all about! It's not the Grammys or the Oscars. You're not supposed to show up in a gown, Vanna White-style" – a little dig at Taylor Swift. "It's supposed to be fun!"

Miley Cyrus Is Very Self-Aware. OK, Guys?
"I wasn't trying to be sexy. If I was trying to be sexy, I could have been sexy. I can dance a lot better than I was dancing." She knows sticking her tongue out isn't hot and that those weird stubby pigtails aren't flattering ("I look like a little creature"). And she even knows it's ridiculous for her to twerk. "People are like, 'Miley thinks she's a black girl, but she's got the flattest ass ever,'" she says. "I'm like, I'm 108 pounds! I know! Now people expect me to come out and twerk with my tongue out all the time. I'll probably never do that sh*t again."

Miley Cyrus Understands What Cultural Appropriation Is, Says She Didn't Do It & Her Performance Wasn't Racist.
"I don't keep my producers or dancers around 'cause it makes me look cool. Those aren't my 'accessories.' They're my homies."

Her Mom Still Embarrasses Her.
"When she's being embarrassing, she'll call me 'sweet girl,'" Miley says. "When we were getting ready for the VMAs, I was about to put on my teddy-bear costume and she's like, 'Sweet girl, do you need to potty before you put your costume on?' I'm like, 'Mom! Kanye is standing right here!'"

Her Breakup With Liam Hemsworth Was A Long Time Coming.
"Holy shit!" Miley says. "That was awesome!" She calls her mom and tells her she's alive. "One thing about sky diving," she says, "you really know who you love, based on who you call." I ask her if she talked to Liam already. "Oh, shit!" she says, and takes her phone back out. (Two weeks later, the couple will announce their split.)

She Drinks Malibu At LA Clubs Though She's Underage.
We stay until the club shuts down, and then some. Miley spends the whole night dancing on a banquette and drinking Malibu. Afterward, Cheyne orders a couple of Uber cars, and about a dozen of Miley's friends pile in and head to their friend Ryan's house in the Hollywood Hills.

Kim Kardashian is Pure Honey

Oh my God, I feel pretty! Oh how I missed the flash of a camera. The paparazzi chanting my name it feels like a warm, wet trickle across my skin…” No! that's not Jennifer Lopez. It's Kim Kardashian and  Kanye West  appearing to be a happy parents couple in a healthy relationship and not two people who spend 90% of their time continents apart - maybe that's why they look so happy. 

It’s been over three months since Kim Kardashian gave birth to North West and only now is she starting to show her face in public presumably after undergoing the best liposuction whoring can buy. Anyway, The fashionable look for young motherhood this fall is blonde, botoxed and swathed in yards of apricot cashmere that will hide a huge ass. But, don't worry this is only beginning of Kim's transformation. Kim's ego is much too big to be anything but a sexy desirable money making machine. Her ego must be feed. 

Yeah!!! Kim's fifth perfume is here! She posted the first ad on her blog on Sept. 23, writing: “So excited to share that my fifth perfume, Pure Honey is here!” Of course it's here it's three months before Christmas. A bitch needs to earn some monies. 

The Miley Cryus Circus is in Town

Oh Miley Cryus...she has already twerked, stripped naked, danced with midgets, cried during a performance, and now she can add nipple slip to her list of being the most talked about artist of 2013. What else is left? I'm sure Team Miley will come up with some crazy off the wall idea to keep the Miley circus trending. 

So here’s Miley Cyrus doing all those things plus interacting with the Kardashians because she'll do anything to make headlines. Rumors are swirling about a rebound affair with one of her producers Mike Will. Basically, after crying over Liam Hemsworth onstage in front of the world she ran back stage to be comforted by this Mike guy. 

The Hollywood Life is reporting

Liam Hemsworth might not be the only one moving on quickly! Rumors have been swirling about a possible romance between Miley and Mike, and on Sept. 21 they may have confirmed them! Miley made a ton of noise on the stage — performing nearly naked in a fishnet dress — but the real drama appears to have happened backstage! Walking back to her trailer after her concert, Miley was reportedly greeted by Mike, who gave her a loving hug, according to Mail Online. The touchy-feely way they were interacting definitely gave the impression that Miley and Mike are way more than just friends and collaborators.

Their behavior in Las Vegas is only going to add fuel to the rumors that they’re hooking up. “Everyone knows they’re hooking up,” a source told Star magazine on Sept. 11. “Mike is very protective of Miley; it’s just understood that she’s off limits.”

Liam Hemsworth doesn’t hide PDA with new gal pal Eiza Gonzalez one day after Miley Cyrus split announcement. 

Farrah Abraham Uncensored

Here are some fun facts about "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham's sex tape. Farrah Abraham's "Backdoor Teen Momin the first 12 hours earned over 2 million views, which more than triples the record previously held by Kim Kardashian for her sex tape with Ray J, which earned just 600,000 views during the same time frame. The video premiered (May 6) on Vivid and apparently people were so excited to see it that Vivid's site crashed. We had no idea Farrah was in such high demand. In Kim Kardashian defense with Kim's star power now (vs 2007) it would earn way more than 2 million views in 12 hours. I hope everyone is relieved to know Farrah is not pregnant with porn-star James Deen baby. I was honored enough to watch the pregnancy scare yesterday on the new show "The Test."